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Text The Screen provides world class service to corporate events for Text-To-Screen, Twitter To Screen and Bulk Marketing Campaigns!

Wow your guests with state of the art interactive entertainment and marketing that allows participants to utilize their smartphone or cell phone to text, tweet, send picture messages and even email the screens at your event and receive optional bounce back messages.

Text to win contests to generate excitement, text in to vote for keynote speakers or just to share information about scheduled events are some examples included with our services. Our professionals will create an interactive screen to meet your needs and we have a wide range of offerings to make your live event interactive:

  • Text-To-Screen¬† (you can text messages to the screens with your cell phone)
  • Twitter-To-Screen (you can tweet messages to the screens with your twitter app)
  • Text-To-Win (you can use cell phones for contest entries)
  • Text-To-Vote (you can use cell phones for voting campaigns with real time results on screen)
  • Picture Messages-To-Screen (you can send picture messages to the screens along with texts and tweets)
  • Email-To-Screen (you can send messages or pictures via email to the screens)
  • Video Integration (you can have a video incorporated in the templates displaying texts messages and tweets)
  • Text for Info (you can have information sent to those who text in a keyword to a short or long code number)
  • Personalized Screens (each screen will be designed to perfectly match your company and campaign theme)
  • Animated Logos (animation can be added to your screens)
  • Custom Templates (everything is designed to your needs)
  • 3D Effects (we can use 3D fonts and effects)
  • HDMI Ready
  • Short Code
  • Long Code (a typical phone number, like your personal cell phone)
  • Twitter (as a means to send messages)
  • Professional Moderators (to censor incoming messages and pictures to your standards and rules)

world class service

Author: Tim Huck

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