Twitter To Screen

Twitter To Screen

Twitter to screen feature allows people to “tweet” messages to your TV’s, JumboTrons or projectors at your Network Meetings, Concerts and Corporate Events.

Your audience can easily tweet messages to your twitter @screenname and you can display it on your TV screens.

Tweet The Screen is a powerful revenue generating entertainment tool that turns any live event into an interactive party, while your audience is reading their twitter messages on your giant screens you can simultaneously expose them to sponsors logos of your choice, generating additional advertising revenue.

Using our Twitter To Screen feature, those that tweet the screen can enjoy seeing their own Twitter avatar and their tweet appear on the big screen.  We can’t help but notice that we steal the show when the screens go to our live feed.  No worries about content because our moderators will screen the messages before they hit the screen.  The messages are not censored on the internet version of the twitter page used, but they certainly are at your live event.

It is a great way to build followers on twitter as well, you have the option to automatically follow those that tweet your screens.  If some of your guests do not know how to “tweet” or use Twitter, they can use their smartphone (or non-smartphone) to send texts and picture messages to the screen and participate as well.

Those that use the texting option will have their phone number protected by being assigned a random number or if they choose they can have a nickname.  The nicknames or random number assignment will identify them on the screens much like the screen name on twitter.

Twitter Trivia!

It is the rage at colleges around Florida and could be at your event as well.  Tweet trivia answers to the screen including bonus picture questions every session!

Twitter Trivia  tweet trivia to screentweet trivia answers to screen

For a detailed list of other features we offer see our Corporate Event Page.

For more information about Twitter and the Apps available see


twitter to screen

Author: Tim Huck

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