Text To Vote

Text To Vote

Text to vote builds crowd participation and interaction!

Voting and other contests can be decided by your audience – No more show of hands – best of all, you get to text a thank you for voting with bounce back offers

Accurate results with your privacy in mind. The voting system of choice by corporations, universities, sporting arenas!

The days of audience response hardware are gone, cell phone text message voting is in!

Thousands crowd a room for a political event, the audience floor is packed with voters waiting to give their say. The whole event depends upon what people choose using their own cell phones. Everyone’s opinion counts because everyone can vote, because everyone has a cell phone that they can participate with.

A car show is filled with classic vehicles which people have poured their hearts and souls into restoring these amazing cars. Let the audience vote for their favorite cars using their cell phones, results calculated live, voters receive a customized, thank you for voting message. The event organizer can now send bulk outgoing text messages to all the participators, promoting upcoming events

Let our team of professionals design a screen for voting at your event that will display the results in real time an exciting way to create crowd participation and radically increase the volume of numbers in your database that you can use for text marketing to keep them coming back!


text to vote
Builds crowd participation and interaction – Engages your audience like never before. People never leave this homes without their cell phones anymore, tap into this way of life.

Brand awareness – Display your brand in a unique and interactive way, while people are reading their messages on your tv screens, they are being exposed to your brand logo and colors.Live voting calculations – Calculate votes accurately as they come in.

Display the results live in front of peoples eyes.Advertising opportunities – Not only do you display your brand, you can display brands of your suppliers and associates to generate additional income. Customized thank you for voting message sent to voters phones – Send a customized auto response message back to people that have voted in, URL, SMS, YouTube video and more.

Allow multiple votes per cell phone, or only one vote per cell phone – Customize your voting campaign for various styles of voting campaigns, multiple votes or lock it down to only single votes per unique phone number.

Database Collection – While you’re entertaining, you’re automatically building a list of user phone numbers, twitter accounts and email accounts, then send them a outgoing message with promotional information.

Author: Tim Huck

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