Sporting Event Polling

Polling at Sporting Events

polling with text messagingText The Screen entertains while automatically collecting user cell phone numbers, twitter screen names and email addresses of audience members that sends a message to your television screens from their mobile phone.

You can later use this database of users for Text Message Marketing, Twitter Marketing and Email Marketing to send text message promotions and event notifications to your customers in the form of digital tickets or digital coupons.

Imagine the interactive fun your audience will have when they can use their cell phone to win prizes such as free pizza from a sponsor.  You can have contests with voting such as “Who is the most valuable player today?” and show the results in real time on the screen!  Fans love to text in messages that can scroll along updating in real time and monitored by our professional moderators for family oriented content.  You can even use twitter!  People can tweet to your sporting twitter page with a keyword specific to the jumbotron!

Everyone loves to be interactive at sporting events, and the team from Text The Screen can bring these polling and texting options to you.  The fans can choose a nickname if they wish or we generate an automated random number so they know it’s them that said it.  If they use the twitter option their twitter name will be displayed before the message.  This is a great way to sell sponsorships as well – They would love to be associated with this hi tech feature as we will be able to rotate their graphic ads on the screen for all to see!

The Text The Screen Team can add Sports Polling and Texting Interaction on your Jumbotron or Tv Screens at your venue!

Author: Tim Huck

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