Sponsor Advertising

Sponsor Advertising

Sell sponsorships on your screens to create more revenue!  Your interactive screen is real estate that sponsors will love.  You can rotate sponsors just like picture messages that come in to the screen.  Not only can you create an interactive fun way for your guests to get involved, but also get local business to offset the costs and make your bottom line grow!  This example shows sponsorships rotating below the incoming picture messages on the left, while texts and tweets show up on the left.

sponsor advertising

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In the example above, while working with MIG, client Visit Florida used the ad rotators option and had numerous clients submit their logos for use on the screen.  During their breaks when they text, tweeted and sent picture messages to the screens.  The advertisers were always visible gaining a tremendous amount of exposure to the attendees of this magnificent event.  MIG was responsible for the visual and technical masterpiece of this event and our company patched into their system and when it was show time, we delivered what many people said stole the event.  MIG is one of the biggest event creators in the business and it is truly a pleasure to work with these professionals!  They know how to use our services to the maximum and get results!

Other options that are available are animated logos for client use and we have the capability of displaying videos or client commercials.  This feature is great for conventions that want to preview the latest commercial to the group and have them interact on the screen to get feedback.  Endless capabilities to what you can do.  Imagine how you would like your screen to look and function and we will make it happen!

Author: Tim Huck

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