Interactive Concerts

Interactive Concerts

Choose the experienced professionals at Text The Screen to provide interactivity at your concert event! Text The Screen will provide interactive excitement that can include Text To Win for give-a-ways, Text to Vote for contests along with Texts and Tweets from twitter. We can compile guest lists for promoters, Song Requests for the band and many other features. Ad rotation feature will allow the display of advertisers, sponsors and upcoming events and we can also display of picture messages to the screens! Texting to the screens at concerts and other live events is a fantastic visual and interactive fun that ticket holders will remember!

Your audience can send picture messages to the screens at your event with Text The Screen Services!

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Below is Text The Screen representatives Tim Huck and Doug Shaw deploying text and picture messages to the screens at the Rivera in Las Vegas for Cupid and Naughty by Nature, a concert sponsored by ADJ.

Below is Text The Screen representative Tony Esposito deploying texts and video feed utilizing his video truck for a concert in Clearwater, Florida

On this particular event we had a 2 manned camera live switch set, up controlling everything we sent to our mobile LED Video Wall you see here. The message was up during the event for people to send a text of “guitar” to us, which placed them in a contest to win an autographed guitar at the end of the night by all the bands that performed that day. Once the last act was on stage, a representative form the company Knology (that sponsored the event) came in to randomly pick a phone number to call back and notify them they won the guitar. This was a 2 day event and they did this contest on both days. When the people texted in they received a bounce back message with a special for Knology cable services with the representatives name and phone number that was working that day. Attendees could still text their regular messages to the wall, we only kept the guitar messages around for a rep to pick a winner.

Give your audience a giant screen to show off their cell phone pictures and give them their “15 minutes of fame”.

Picture Message-To-Screen is a very popular feature to add along with other features like Text-To-Screen or using their Twitter apps to Tweet-The-Screen.

Want to add voting?  No Problem.  We can give you the same excitement as American Idol and show the results live in real time on the screens.  Endless possibilities await you when you use Text-To-Screen technology.

For information on all of our services you can offer your guests see our  Corporate Event Page

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Author: Tim Huck

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