Corporate Events

Corporate Events

Text The Screen will allow people to Text, Tweet, Email or send Picture messages to your TV’s, projectors, LED’s or Jumbotron.  We are a full service company and travel to your corporate events, concerts or any live event.  We provide professional moderation and supply all the hardware and software needed for a successful and entertaining experience.

Wow your guests with state of the art interactive entertainment and marketing that allows participants to utilize their smartphone or cell phone to text, tweet, send picture messages and even email the screens at your event and receive optional bounce back messages.

Text to win contests to generate excitement.  Text in to vote for keynote speakers or just to share information about scheduled events are some examples included with our services. Our professionals will create an interactive template for the screens at your corporate events to meet your needs.

The Text The Screen Team will travel to your event and do all the work for you. We are a full service company offering:

Text The Screen

Participants can use their cell phones and text the screen to the number provided and have their text messages appear on the screens. Messages are censored by a professional moderator per client needs and we will know ahead of time what your expectations are.

Tweet The Screen

Participants can utilize twitter apps on their smart phones and “tweet” messages to the screen.  We use the client’s own twitter page using a keyword,  Example: tweet @YourPage #OurEvent.  These tweets can also be censored on the screens per client needs. The tweets are not censored on the internet version of their twitter page.

Twitter Trivia – Tweet The Answers!

A big hit and newest trend is Twitter Trivia.  Guests will answers the trivia questions with their twitter apps and it will appear on screen.  It is fun to mix in picture questions and integrate the other services as well such as sponsorship ad rotation.  You can offer screen space at your event and have the sponsors pick up the tab, we will rotate their ad or video on the screen while the trivia is in play!


Participants can text the screen a keyword to the number provided to win prizes. Our system will randomly pick a winner or it can be set to manually select a winner.  No more expenses of purchasing “raffle tickets” or the printing expenses.  This is an Eco-friendly solution for contests.


Participants can text in to vote, much like American Idol, and the results are broadcast in real time on the screens and/or to a private screen for the speaker. This can be used for question and answer segments as well if they can choose from per-determined answers.

Picture Messages-To-Screen

Participants can post cell phone pictures to the screen as easy as they do sending one to a friend or family member.

Text for Info

Participants can text a selected keyword to our phone number and get an informational message up to 140 characters.
Custom opt-In message: Audience members when texting in for the first time will have a custom greeting such as “Welcome to Your Event, to have a nickname text NICK and a one word nickname and to stop messages at anytime text the word STOP”

Personalized Screens

At corporate events or any live event we can provide a custom background to match their event marketing or we can design it in house. The size should be 1025×768 jpg image and should leave room for overlays where the texts/tweets, picture messages and voting results are to appear. Multiple templates are allowed and can be switched at clients needs.

Animated Logos

Templates have endless possibilities.  Text The Screen client’s can provide flash animation or movie files for use on screen at their corporate events, or any live event. (Example would be an animated logo in place of a static one in the corner of the screen or have a movie loop on screen for promotional purposes to showcase a product or commercial.)

No short code costs for smaller venues

We use a typical phone number so the experience is easy for the participants as texting a friend or family member and has no “per text” or limitations on amount of data used. (Standard rates apply only to their service provider)

Short Code for larger venues

For the large scale events you can have Text The Screen provide multiple keywords using the fastest SMS service we have to offer.


By default each participant is assigned a random number to identify themselves on screen without revealing their phone number (example: 12098). They can text the word NICK and a one word nickname to replace that number at anytime. If they use twitter our system by default use their twitter name and we can even use their default twitter picture next to it.


Text The Screen Team is ready for your next event with FULL HD 1080p and have the capabilities of 3D effects and more!  Standard definition is also available.

Database Collection and Digital Coupons

Participants phone number will be stored in your database for bounce back offers or digital coupons if you desire. Participants phone numbers will never be revealed on screen.  At the end of your corporate events, or any live event we will have an Excel lists of all participants for your marketing needs (even during the events for event announcements).

Projector and Screens Available

If you don’t have a venue with screens or TV’s available, we have a variety of solutions for your event.    We have projectors and screens for any size venue!  For very large corporate events, we have teamed with a projection company for rear projection screens with 10.000 plus lumen projectors or we have in our inventory small to medium venue solutions with 4 and 5K lumen projectors with 100 inch front projection screens.  Costs vary greatly depending on your setup needs.

Free Consultation

Imagine hundreds, thousands or even millions of people chatting live on your television screens, Jumbotron or LED screen turning your venue into a virtual chat-room!  If you have a corporate event, sporting event, concert or a local network meeting, we have a package for you.

Offer your guests the latest in technology by allowing them to send text messages, tweets, picture messages and emails straight to the screens. Create an interactive fun atmosphere and have your clients be engaged.

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Corporate Events with Text The Screen

Text The Screen at a Corporate Events


Author: Tim Huck

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